Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wolves Tamed By Hammers

I made the 40minute drive down I-75(freeway) and across I-696 to a pub in Novi to witness the Wolves play in the Premiership for the first time since I became a fan. The bar which does not open until 11am(est) opened an hour early for me and my mate Dave(a brit from Wolverhampton), whom he invited two other American Wolves fans Mike and his daughter Christina.
So here we are, us four, sitting in a two story pub with waitstaff getting the place in order for when the bar officially opens their doors.
As I sit in my chair at the bar I take in the beauty that is the old gold and black milling about on the greenest of pitches. Even the worlds forth most atheist must agree on this day that there is indeed a God.
The game unfolded as it were, Keough missed a sure goal in the opening miniutes, They had us on our heels and we had them on theirs. Craddock and Foley made great saves off the line but the defense failed to close in on Noble just outside of the box conceeding a worthy goal in the upper left hand side of the goal. After a few more failed attempts by the Wolves including a heartbreaking tip of the foot save by Green from an Ebanks Blake shot, and 47 minutes after Nobels goal, Upton put a header in the back of the net to seal a 2-0 victory vs Micks men.
The Wolves did show some tennacity and I believe they tipped their cards a bit showing that they will not be a pushover or favorite for relegation come May.
Andy Keough- why does he get so much flack on the message boards? Though he missed on an early attempt at goal and made a couple questionable passes, he played hard the entire match, he showed great skill with the ball, and a willingness to take on defenders. I like him, maybe not as a full time starter but surly not a player I would derogitorely write about on message boards.
Ebanks Blake- we didnt get him enough of the ball. To be effective he needs the ball at his feet and we failed to do so for most of the day. He now appears to be out for a couple of weeks with a hamstring so get ready for some more of Andy Keough if Doyle remains unfit.
Milijas- though he looked a bit rust and weak footed the first half, he came out and showed us some creativity and what kind of thunder he has packed into his left boot.
Our post game video can be seen
Our next preview will be for Wigan vs Wolves and should be posted by Monday evening.

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  1. we dont get the midweek games here in australia so interested in your analysis.notice you are an aussie rules fan too??