Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wolves Attempt to Take Down Shieks

The Wolves will visit the Eastlands Saturday, for the first since they drew 3-3 in 2004. Wolves have intermittently improved their squad while the oil rich Manchester City have overhauled their roster with the likes of Tevez, Adabayor, Gareth Berry, Robinho, and more.

I am hoping I will see the game live on Saturday, but will be about 4.5 hours from home at my bosses cottage and am unsure of his cable capabilities. I do however have the dvr set up just in case.

I see the gaffer employing the same formation that earned us 3 points mid week vs Wigan which was a 4-5-1 with Andy Keogh as the lone striker.

I see our back line getting allot of work during the game but expect to see a 1-1 scoreline after this one.

Come on you Wolves!


  1. Greetings from across the pond. You're lucky enough to have chosen to support the greatest team in the world. I was born in the glorious city of Wolverhampton and thanks to my dad I've been supporting the Wolves for as long as i can remember.

    I reckon you're bang on that we'll start with the same magnificent XI that swept aside wigan in the week but hopefully we'll see our record signing on the pitch at some time. He may even shock us all and pop up with the winner. Going to be a tough game tomorrow but got to believe as always that the mighty Wolves are going to be victorious.

    Keep cheering from afar, we can hear you at every game!

  2. I am well up for this game. For my mind over the years we have been a bit of a bogey team for Man City so you never know. Having said that i would rip off my own arm and beat my mother to death with it if i thought it would help us get a point

  3. Nice blog you have here but to truly earn my respect replace the word soccer by the word football. American football should be called American Rugby or wuss rugby leaving the name football open to, well football.

    Keep it going Adam.

  4. You'll have to let me know where in Detroit you meet up to watch these matches.

    Hi-ho Wolverhampton!!

  5. got to say im from the uk 10mins away from wolves i saw you on youtube i think its so good that we have fans across he pound i eat sleep and drink wolves in my spare time i watch as many clips as i can im 19 but a day b4 a match i go to bed early just to prepare for the game next day lol im like a 4 yearold kid waiting to open there prezzies on x-mas lol i have to say even tho we have only got 3points from 3 games im 100% happy with the teams efforts and performances some time we dont do it pretty but will do it right like against wigan very happy that we could of easily grabbed a point against man-city who spent over 100million this year however on the down side craddock is to old to play in the prem too slow mick mccarthy needs to realise that sooner rather than later and get one more back up striker in by the way i agree with laurens i hate the word soccer lol every game so far we have out sang the other team home or away were wolves through and through and should be proud of the team even tho results are against us at the moment but we have played 3 top 10 teams so far come on wolves anyone wants to add me keep your youtube going like to here other peoples oppinions sorry about any spelling mistakes FROM JENSON TURLEY

  6. swindon in midweek in the leauge cup mick should give the players who havent featured so far a game and rest our stars for next week against hull a team we need to beat if fit team should be hennessey foley stearman mancinne elokobi jarvis milijas dave.jones kightly upfront doyle and keogh unless ebanks-blake comes back then doyle and ebanks-blake amdy faye is close to joining us from stoke-city and james harper from reading also nigal reo-cokker from villa marcus tudgay from sheff-wednsday and ameobi from newcastle am 3 other names that are being thrown about come on wolves this is our season to prove we r young and hungry pack of wolves that should be in the prem also jus add hope westbrom dont come back up i never want to be in the same leauge as those tesco carrier bags again 1990 in the bottom divsion of england jus 19 years later top divison slowly putting the peaces bk together to the stan cullis era