Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello Wolves my names Adam

On the 15th day of August in the year 2009, the Wolverhampton Wanderers will take the pitch, in their first Premiership game since the 2003/2004 season. This blog will catalogue my journey and perspective as an American born Wolves fan.

I was born May 20th 1981 in Detroit, MI. My parents are American and most people refer to Football as Soccer. I will call Football by its propper name for the purposes of my European followers.

I played football as a young kid in a league referred to as AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) from the age of 6 thru 12. After moving to a small town and missing the deadline to register, football fell by the wayside. For those of you who are not familiar to American cutlure in regards to football, its not viewed as a skilled sport, its the sport "anyone can play". So by the time we hit high school were pushed toward basketball, baseball, and gridiron football. Especially when I was growing up there was no football on tv, no football celebrities, and no footsteps to follow in.

It is growing up in this atmosphere that lead most Americans down the path of shear football hatered. Most Americans will tell you that football is the most "boring", 'low scoring", "pussyfootin" sport ever invented and not worthy of even being considered a sport. Mind you most people are only exposed to "soccer mom" kiddy soccer, and do not have the proper knowledge to accuratly express the sport, thus handing down biases they learned by word of mouth.

I was one of these Americans just over a year ago. I was living in Little Rock, AR, when I got a phone call from a British engineer back in my home state of Michigan, about a job vacancy. I took the job and started working there in June of 2007. That britsh guy, my boss, came from the town of Wolverhampton, and from the start I would jokenly tease him about his chosen sport, calling it a woosie sport, and many other insults.

Fast forward to April 2008 and possibly in an attempt to kiss ass or atleast make some conversation I started to prod him about the Wolves and even purchased their online subscription to listen to some matches. It was neat to listen to but I didnt make a concentrated effort to follow. Then at the end of May he told me ESPN was airing the Champions league final between Manchester United and Chelsea. The game went 0-0 to penalty kicks, again no spark. Finally I decided to watch the Euro Cup competition in June, so that I could "talk shop" and show I was making an effort. I was hooked after watching Turkey beat Switerland and the Czech Republic in late game horoics.

It was Eurocup 2008 that took me from being a Baseball 21 game ticket holder and an NFL season ticket holder, to a 100 percent football fanatic. I finished out the summer by purchasing Setanta Sports and Fox Soccer Channel just in time for the start of the 08/09 Premiership season. I watched almost every game every week and saw developed the most affection for West Brom lol.....just kiddin, Liverpool was the team I rooted for in part because I love watching Gerrard and Torres and in part because I wanted to see neither ManU or Chelsea win the title.

I was able to watch the Wolves play on 2 occasions and followed their season through BBC news, and so with their return to the Premier League and my early affection for them, and after watching countless youtube clips and time spent talking to my boss about the Wolves, not to mention the dvd's I borrowed of his to watch over and over again, my heart and passion lies with the Wolves.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey this forcomming season with the Wolves.

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  1. well played mate CUM ON U WOLVES !!! - wolves 2 - 1 west ham 2moz can't wait to get the season under way :D